Technology Guide

What types of technology is there?

We are heavily dependant on technology, but few of us bother to think about the gadgets that have made our lives easier compared to that of our ancestors. Unlike them, we do not have to wait for weeks to receive reply to our mails from our overseas friends and family members... thanks to services like messenger and email. Digital cameras allow us to preview the scene immediately after taking the shot, and allow us to make adjustments and shoot another picture if the one we clicked was not perfect. Modern generation refrigerators will soon have the electronics required to check if there is a shortage of any item of daily use, like butter and milk, etc. and automatically initiate an order with our favourite online or physical store. These examples are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg.

Life without smartphones

Can you imagine life without smartphones? San the smartphone, we would feel as if we are stranded on a desert with no means of communicating with the outside world. We use this gadget to chat with our friends, talk with others using voice over the internet software such as Skype, view videos of the latest news via streaming video in real time, and much more. We can segregate smartphones into two main types: one running on the Android platform and the other on the iOS. Certain individuals, who need to type in lots of data while on the move, prefer laptops such as Macbook Pro. Even though this device is quite costly, it has many features not found in Android based laptops. No doubt, the Macbook Pro is quite expensive. However, it is possible to avail of macbook pro finance and pay the amount along with the interest thereon through EMI (Equated Monthly Installments).

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How do people buy this technology?

Gone are the days when people used to spend cash to purchase goods. In addition, technology has not yet advanced to such a level that we can send physical currency notes from a mobile device or a laptop to the online store. The most common methods of online payments fall into three broad categories:

-Payment gateways such as Payoneer and PayPal
-Payment via debit or credit cards
-Payment through digital wallets such as Kayswallet and Shopwave

Why we use this technology?

We embrace this technology as it permits to purchase our needs from the comfort of our home. Apart from this, we also receive special discounts while purchasing goods online, and receive notices when the time is due to purchase specific items, especially such as medicines.

What is the most common pieces of technology?

The internet is the commonest piece of technology as we would not have been able to enjoy online marketing, ticket booking for the concert or booking hotels in a different country.

Who uses technology?

Based on rough estimates, nearly 85% of individuals embrace technology and use it in some form or the other. Even the simple act of paying parking charges uses technology.